Shoot. Crop. Filter.

Anyone can look great on Instagram. It's as simple as shoot, crop, filter.

sketchbookexpress used by our charlotte branding agency

People are using it everyday to look tanner and skinner. (shameless plug) You can check out our Charlotte branding agency here at our Instagram account (@birdsonggregory) to see some wonderfully shot, cropped, filtered images of food, puppies, agency outings and cool design. I may be an Instagram pro, but I’m a rookie when it comes to all of the other available free design apps out there. If you would like to improve your photo post quality, check out these 21 free creative apps. Spoiler alert, Instagram is not on the list.

We have a some favorites here at birdsong gregory, but our agency has a few font aficionados, TED talk lovers, and color freaks – so we may be biased. Check it out, download a few, and let us know what you think! It’s free.

If you’re not scared off by paying for your apps, check out some of the best photo apps being bought. In the meantime we’ll keep finding interesting things to shoot, crop, and filter.



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