Say Hello to our New York transplant with a mean kick!

I’m relatively new to Charlotte (actually, I’m not sure i can still say that – I’ve been living in Charlotte for over a year and a half now, but I still need an excuse for why I don’t  know the difference between Queens Road and Queens Road West). In actuality, I moved to Charlotte from New York City where my travel expertise was in knowing when to switch subway lines and how much to tip a cabbie based on the route they chose.

I spent my time in Manhattan working as a photographer agent for a great agency, finding hidden restaurants, exploring the boroughs, running, and playing soccer along the East River. I seem to have come as close to that in Charlotte as possible. I landed on the account side of a great shopper marketing agency, my ongoing hole-in-the-wall restaurant search continues (and is more successful in Charlotte than I anticipated!) and I still run and play soccer… just not along the East River.

Through a relatively unique process, I discovered my own love for 1) photography (really, really, good photography), 2) smart advertising, and 3) meeting and working with talented people. I can’t actually take a picture or do anything in InDesign, but I love the account side of the business. It’s a great way to be involved with really, really, good photography – smart marketing and advertising – and talented people. Luckily, I stumbled across birdsong gregory.So if you’d like to learn more about our creative, agile shopper marketing agency, give us a call and ask for Landis+



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