MODEX 2024: A Record-Breaking Event

If you didn’t realize it before the pandemic, today everyone – from consumers to CEOs – understands how efficient, resilient supply chains play a critical role in every aspect of daily life. Which is why we’re proud to be an agency partner of MHI, the preeminent material handling, logistics and supply chain association. 

Every year we develop a compelling, differentiated show theme for MODEX (held biennially in Atlanta) and ProMat (Chicago), two of the world’s biggest supply chain trade show events. Our goal is to create excitement around manufacturing and supply chain technological advances, attract the next-generation of supply chain professionals, and drive both attendance and booth sales.

The theme at MODEX 2024 was Full Spectrum Supply Chain, a nod to how humanoid robots and driverless forklifts tend to garner the most attention in the industry – but each piece of the supply chain ecosystem is essential to success. From the analog to the futuristic, it’s all mission critical, and you can find every piece of the complete supply chain solution at MODEX 2024.

This year’s MODEX show attendance was up over 30%, and booth sales set a new record.

Check out the bold visual language we designed to build awareness and create excitement and cohesion in the preshow marketing and across every aspect of the show floor. 




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