Packaging Success Clear As Day

Often, a brand gets attention due to its name, branding, or recent advertising campaign. It's not often that the packaging drives all the buzz.

Here at our Charlotte packaging design agency, we understand the value of a package. We know that its more than just a vehicle for the product, but that it’s also an opportunity to gain attention and sometimes encourage a purchase. The package, like anything else, can make or break a product. Food manufacturers must make sure that not only will the product hold up to the environment (think temperature or sunlight), but that it also must look absolutely delicious (note Talenti image above)…

Ok stop thinking about butter pecan. You see what we mean?

The product has to hold up to the circumstances that go along with it’s path to purchase: factory – truck – store – stockboy. No one buys the bag of broken tortilla chips. And if you claim you have “chunks of real fruit,” you better show it, even if you have to alter the die in your yogurt.

Manufacturers must weigh the decision carefully, some foods just aren’t sexy, no matter how they are packaged. The appeal of clear packaging comes with its fair share of hurdles for a manufacturer, but studies show that more often than not, they’re worth it – as long as it doesn’t backfire. And doesn’t that make sense? Don’t you want to be able to see what you’re going to eat?

Larabar marketing manager Julie Wing-Larson says it best: “you eat with your eyes.”



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