Our 10 Favorite Ad Agency Excuses

Top 10 Ad Agency Excuses

  1. Our server has been acting up.
  2. We weren’t sure if you meant COB, EOB, EOD, EOW, or ASAP.
  3. Our Traffic Manager is still on her honeymoon.
  4. Oh…you meant 5pm YOUR time?
  5. The printer was trying to tighten up the plates and a pressman lost his hand.
  6. I never got that messa…oh wait, what’s this?
  7. We assumed you guys closed for Earth Day too.
  8. I’m calling FedEx again right now.
  9. I’m sorry, but our server is still down.
  10. Funny story…turns out the bike messenger we use was also selling drugs – so the work is sitting in an evidence locker down at the police station.

If you’ve worked in the advertising/marketing/branding arena for as long as we have, you understand that occasionally, s(tuff) happens. And given the fast-paced environment and operational complexity of shopper marketing, it doesn’t take much to throw a project off deadline or insert a wrench into even the tightest of plans. But it’s also true that clients can smell the difference between an Act of God and a bogus line of BS.

Plus, a lot of bigger, hungrier agencies can’t keep up with their clients because they’re always out chasing the next one – or trying to replace the last one. And that’s when you start paying for excuses.

The bottom line: you need help when you need it. You need access and accountability. You need to be able to count on your agency partner having your best interest in mind at all times. And when that deadline looms in the distance, you need the ability to stare it down with confidence, secure in the knowledge that everything is covered.

So go ahead – challenge birdsong gregory to make that deadline, make those numbers, or make your day.

Instead of making excuses, we’ll make it happen.



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