5 Reasons Direct Mail is More Effective Than Ever

Some say that direct mail is dead. It’s not. In fact, when used strategically, creative direct mail executions have been proven to attract attention, drive action, and move the needle on defined business goals. Here are 5 reasons why direct mail should be considered for your marketing mix:


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1. Less Is More

As more and more advertisers withdraw from the direct-mail game, your communication gets more mailbox space, and, in turn, more attention. Since 2016, the volume of direct mail has gone down (by 149.4 billion pieces that year), but direct mail as a percentage of all mail has gone up. (Source: Data & Marketing Association) That’s good news. Create eye-catching, engaging pieces, and you’re going to stand out.


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2. Expanding Creative Possibilities

How do you get beyond “typical” direct mail? Consider custom trims, tabs, or corners, unexpected perforations. Or even… Haptics. That’s right. The same sensory, touch-based experience offered by your cellphone is now an option via 3D printing. Everything – even good ol’ paper and ink – seems to be getting more complex. It’s not just direct mail, it’s sensory marketing.


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3. DM is for ME

We might live for our phones (even more than our computers), but we still love a physical envelope or card. Just being in-hand imbues direct mail with a more personal feel, a touch of “just for me.” And this creates trust. Among various advertising channels, direct mail remains one of the most trustworthy (76%) – ahead of all digital formats (which search engines lead with 61%). (Source: Marketing Sherpa) Beyond that, this closeness impacts memory, as recall is around 70% higher following direct mail exposure than after similar engagement with a digital ad. (Source: Canada Post)


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4. The “Open and Act” Connection

Believe it or not, folks read their mail. That is, their physical mail. When receiving direct mail, 79% of consumers react immediately, compared with only 45% for email. (Source: Direct Marketing Association) You can’t file it away with a click, and that means immediate, palpable influence. Plus, if you’re looking to make a sale, consider that 56% of direct mail respondents report also making a subsequent online or store visit. (Source: InfoTrends)


5. Bottom Line Friendly

Printing options are becoming more complex, but also more mainstream. This availability makes physical preparation of one-of-a-kind direct mail more accessible – and more wallet-friendly – than ever. You’ll want to start with smart, effective design, which likely means working with a thoughtful, strategically minded creative partner like our Charlotte marketing agency. Direct mail is not the cheapest marketing tactic, but it’s worth it. Cost-per-acquisition for direct mail is around $19 – slightly higher than mobile ($16) and social media ($18), but lower than paid search, online display, and email. (Source: IWCO Direct)




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