We brought clarity, focus, and marketability to a technology start-up.


How can e-comm companies transform the arrival of a package into a memorable, engaging, 1 : 1 unboxing moment that generates both greater affinity and additional revenue opportunities? Taptivate had a solution, but they needed a way to communicate both what their platform did and how it would make consumers feel.


Beginning with the development of a memorable, ownable product name, we built this new B2B2C brand from the ground up using emotionally compelling imagery, a clean, tech-savvy color palette, and a verbal platform that explained complex technology in clear, meaningful terms. As a result, our client was able to bring their software platform to market with greater impact and efficiency, and to land a few key accounts right from the start.

What We Delivered

Brand Audit
Strategy and Positioning
Product Naming
Visual and Verbal Branding
Website Design and Development
Sales and Marketing Collateral


Restoring the relevance of an iconic building materials brand.


Building a more extensible brand platform to support an evolving technology company.

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