Noggin and Wink

To help a consumer goods start-up appeal to big box retailers, we developed a shelf-ready brand package.


Although we spend a third of our lives resting on one, the sleeping pillow is not a very complex buying decision, and consumers rarely show strong brand loyalty to one white fluffy rectangle over another. So how did we help this consumer goods start-up get noticed in a such a sleepy category?


We analyzed consumer buying habits and the competitive set to uncover a viable niche in the consumer sleeping pillow market. Then we crafted a differentiated, flexible brand platform that had both end-user appeal and the on-shelf presence to secure programs with major national retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond, JCPenney, Kohl’s, and Walmart.

What We Delivered

Market Research
Product Naming
Logo Development
Visual and Verbal Branding
Sales Tools and Presentations
Packaging Design
Planogram Design

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Diversey Prosumer Brands

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