Are You Tapping the Power of the Mobile Shopper?

Laptops have become tablets, and tablets are shrinking to become our phones. And with the surging popularity of digital devices like the Kindle Fire, Samsung’s Note, and the ever smaller iPad Mini, the shopper’s little digital assistant for browsing on the sofa or checking prices and reviews in store have become one and the same.

Couple this with faster connections speeds, NFC (near field communication) and instant coupons, and the power of the mobile shopper has reached even greater heights – from the initial trigger to search through purchase and sharing the experience.

What does this mean for retailers and brands? It means they need to develop a holistic digital shopper marketing strategy that covers the entire shopper journey on one device. From providing simply shopping list generators and self scanning apps through to post purchase loyalty incentives, single device campaigns have huge potential to encourage both frequency and long term loyalty.

At birdsong gregory, we work closely with our digital partners to help companies like yours take advantage of the changing ways shoppers interact with your store and your brands. Give us a buzz to find out more.



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