A funny Canadian political ad campaign for “anybody but …”

In case you don’t follow Canadian politics, Rob Ford, the embattled Toronto mayor is running for re-election, and apparently, has a good chance of winning — despite being caught on camera smoking what appears to be little white rocks. And then later admitting it.  He also likes to catch a mean buzz at public events and has a problem keeping his hands to himself when in the presence of attractive young staffers.

In an effort to bring down their crack-smoking, cuss-ranting mayor, a campaign called No Ford Nation has begun to openly mock Ford through a Facebook page, a website and now, a number of Toronto-area signs. The campaign banners feature fake candidates and slogans meant to needle Ford’s government policies and personal missteps. 

The site, started by a not for profit group, distributes an equal amount of information about those hoping to replace him while debunking the mayor’s favorite campaign lies. The three signs, posted in downtown Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park, do not specifically endorse any of the candidates running against Ford. They simply advocate you vote for anyone but the incumbent half-mayor. 

Of course, none of the candidates is really running for mayor, and the advertisement is for No Ford Nation, a site registered just three weeks ago.

Rethink, the ad agency behind the humorous gay rights ad that poked fun at lugging during the Sochi Olympics, also worked on the campaign. Nice job guys! Everyone at our Charlotte ad agency has gotten a big chuckle out of the irreverence and pluck of this grassroots campaign.




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