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To Eat or Not To Eat? That is No Longer the Question.

FDA FINALLY Releases New Nutrition Label

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Propelled by First Lady Michelle Obama in an effort to reduce America’s increasing obesity rates and related diseases – as we have all seen even here in Charlotte – Americans will now be able to see exactly what their food contains. The new label was designed by Kevin Grady (the global head of content and design at Siegel & Gale) in 2014, and the year for companies to comply with the new design standards will be 2018 with an additional year for food manufactures with less than $10 million in annual sales. Changes to the label will reflect points from the agenda of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! campaign to end childhood obesity within a generation, and note that the current labels haven’t changed much since 1993.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s changed if you’re a…


Dual-columns have been added for a more obvious view of what’s in a single serving and an entire package.


The FDA will now require these cans to be labeled as a single serving (they currently range from one to two), since that’s how most people drink them.

Sugar-Nazi (shoutout to Jessica at birdsong gregory)

Sugar grams and the percent of the daily value (%DV) for “added sugars” have been included, so you will now know how much sugar was added during manufacturing. Currently, the label states how much sugar naturally occurs in products.


Calorie Count, Serving Size, and Serving Count will be much more prominent with the Calorie Count appearing as the largest piece of information. Number of Servings will now appear in a bold typeface as well.


New nutrients Vitamin D and Potassium will be added, and Vitamins A and C will no longer be required.



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