proctor gamble olympics ad

P&G Knows Moms

And moms know good marketing.


Four years ago, Proctor&Gamble aired its first Thank You Mom campaign to coincide with the Olympics. With Mother’s Day coming up (don’t forget to send flowers), it seems appropriate to not only pay tribute to Moms, but to acknowledge one of the admittedly best marketing campaigns ever (besides the ones our Charlotte marketing agency creates, of course).

For the London Olympics of 2012, this “Best Job” video immediately went viral, generating 21 million viewings and eventually winning an Emmy. It’s estimated that 74 million viewers watched at least one digital ad or video of the campaign that year. Furthermore, executives estimated that during the London Olympics, P&G received $500 million in added sales directly attributed to the campaign. It was their largest campaign ever and the first time P&G began a global campaign online instead of traditional media (e.g., digital ads and videos on YouTube, Facebook Yahoo, etc.).

Just recently the 2016 Rio video campaign came out for the Thank You Mom campaign – so keep your tissue box handy and get excited for the Summer Olympics!





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