Why are honest brand slogans so hard to find?

You don’t have to work at a Charlotte marketing agency to understand the glib prevalence of advertising slogans. From the sides of buses to the bottom of urinals, today’s consumer encounters hundreds of short, pithy brand catch phrases every day. According to the 1913 Webster’s Dictionary, a slogan (/ˈsloʊɡən/) derives from the Gaelic “sluagh-ghairm” (an army cry). It has come to mean in its contemporary sense, a distinctive advertising motto, or advertising phrase, used by any entity to convey a purpose or idea.

Honest Slogans takes well-known advertising and turns the slogan into some real talk about the product, or at least designer Clif Dickens’s take on it. Honest Slogans is yet another snarky advertising Tumblr that is exactly what it sounds like, for better or worse. I feel like there’s already a lot of stuff like this out there, and whoever’s moderating Honest Slogans could have been a little pickier. There are three separate iterations of “We don’t have Coke, is Pepsi okay?” and that’s only funny once. But if feel that honest is the best policy (as is the case at our Charlotte marketing agency), you will get a chuckle out of some of these send ups.



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