Who Made That Pantone Chip?

If you've ever worked in advertising, graphic design, apparel, or dozens of other aesthetically-inspired fields, then you know how important a role the Pantone color system plays. After all, one designer's concept of "taupe" is another's "wheat."

Today, we take this universal system of color for granted, but 50 years ago, it didn't exist. At least not until Laurence Herbert, an employee of the Pantone printing company, created the world's first standardized color reproduction system. Charlotte ad agencies

By the 1970s, Pantone was making more than a million dollars a year in licensing fees, and as the Pantone system spread from the advertising world to textiles to food science, it  has been put to some unexpected uses – like defining the color of a Ben & Jerry’s brownie.

Here's a short article about the origins and global reach Pantone.



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