When You Think Outside the Box, You Don’t Hit Your Head

Although the advertising industry no longer mirrors the world of Mad Men and Don Draper, there are still a number of perks. Sometimes those perks include ‘Summer Fridays’ and fancy client lunches, and sometimes it’s just simply the ability to think creatively and outside of the box. Our Charlotte marketing agency has had the responsibility to come up with some fun and maybe a little crazy guerilla marketing tactics for one of our clients. When people are given carte blanche to really spin the wheels of their imagination, really cool things happen. In our idea exploration, we’ve come across some truely unique campaigns.

Here are a few that we love – but the list is truly endless. Keep your eyes open, you may just see some new and exciting birdsong gregory guerilla tactics floating around. The following ideas would definitely have us apartment searching, buying sunscreen and probably going to the gym – in that order. Do you have any favorite guerilla campaigns?





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