Top 5 Packaging Trends for 2013

2012 was a good year for the global packaging industry. Emerging markets in Asia and Latin America led to a strong resurgence after the global recession, and it is projected that packaging will be an $820 million industry by 2016. However, the voice of the consumer has also never been stronger. To stay relevant in a changing market place it’s important to look ahead at where the industry is going. Here are 5 trends our shopper marketing agency is helping our manufacturing clients leverage in 2013.

1. Bio-Based Plastics: Recyclable PET made from renewable resource is projected to offer significant growth potential over the longer term, particularly as large corporations, especially those in the soft drink industry, are investing heavily in the development of this material.

2. Smart Packaging: The focus of active and intelligent packaging has moved from specific retailer and manufacturer driven benefits like shelf-life extension, traceability and food waste reduction, to include more consumer focused benefits such as food quality and safety, freshness and information.

3. Stand-up Pouches: Packaged food makers are thinking outside the bottle and can. Flexible packaging, especially stand-up pouches provide Maximum Flexibility, Sustainability and Convenience.They are an innovative marketing approach to stimulate the sales of a stagnant brand or increase the acceptance and success of a new product introduction.

4. Retail Ready Packaging (RRP): Continues to gain traction in North America as a greater number of retailers start to consider implementation, and others broaden the scope of existing initiatives into additional categories.

5. Packaging and social media: Getting found by customers. The new age of inbound marketing is about providing value and earning customer loyalty instead of simply pounding a message into consumers heads and hoping it will stick.



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