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The Laziest Ad Ever Made

Our steps, sleep, exercise, everything is getting measured and counted. How do you subvert that?

Welcome to the era of the wearable device. With a rapidly growing industry, giants like Apple and Nike are leading the way, while lesser-known companies like Withings and Basis are in hot pursuit. There are currently dozens of fitness devices on the market, with most being designed to be worn directly around your wrist or neck. Others easily clip to your pocket or jacket zipper.


We now have plenty of technological options to track and monitor our fitness and exercise regimen. But what about when we just want to park ourselves on the sofa, binge watch Season 1 of Game of Thrones, and eat an entire tub of bacon ranch chip dip?

Aren’t the life goals of lazy folks equally as valid?

Kmart and Joe Boxer seem to think so,  because the two brands have collaborated on the Inactivity Tracker, a wristband device and app that will appropriately rank your lethargy on a scale that ranges from  “Couch Commander” to “Cryogenic.”

Kmart is giving away the devices with select pajama purchases while supplies last, but even if you don’t snag one of these hot ticket items, you can enjoy the 60 minute launch ad below—a window into the “2015 Joe Boxer Lounger Games,” where two guys sit in recliners trying to move as little as possible.

FCB Chicago executive creative director Dan Fietsam says it all ties directly to Joe Boxer’s brand image. “The brand point of view is about embracing irreverence and subverting trends,” says Fietsam. “So what goes well with loungewear? Not moving. Looking around, our steps, exercise, everything is getting measured and counted. We started thinking about how to subvert that.”

Nice work, dude.



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