The designer behind the red hair

Let me introduce myself. You might know me as BadManners or J-man, but if we’re strangers, you can call me Jessica+. I’m a designer here at birdsong gregory with a love for smart design, refined typography and anything related to birds. My favorite colors are neutral and unsaturated. I appreciate freshly ground, well-brewed coffee, but will drink the stuff out of the office Keurig in a pinch. I’ve been drinking green smoothies for breakfast for the last 6 months and find that I now crave the taste of blended spinach in the morning. Oh, and my second job title is ‘Official Office DJ,’ keeping the office flowing with sweet tunes all day. 

So how did I get involved in this crazy world of design and advertising you ask? The truth is since learning to put pen to paper as a child, I’ve loved being a creator. So it was a natural transition into being a creative thinker and designer when it came time to choose my career. While I’m not doodling colorful unicorns with my Crayola markers anymore, I get just as much satisfaction from helping the birdsong team create unforgettable work for our clients.



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715 North Church Street – Suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28202704.332.2299[email protected]