Swedish Fish Are Only The Beginning

Cola snakes, lemon gummy hearts, strange chalky hard candies tasting mainly of salt, bi-color gummies that seem to claim medicinal properties, yogurt-covered candies, squishy fruit gumdrops with strange menthol undertastes. 

Recently a couple of members of our Charlotte ad agency were in NYC and stumbled across this blindingly white retail space in the West Village with its rainbow of products. Sockerbit is a Scandinavian sweet shop in NYC's West Village known for its delectable selection of traditional smågodis (little candies) and its pristine, rainbow-lined interior. The shop – whose name literally translates to "lump of sugar" – was opened in 2010 by Stefan Ernberg and his wife, Florence Baras. Specializing in all things sweet and Swedish – with foodstuffs and toys from neighboring Denmark as well – Sockerbit carries more than 149 different candies priced by the pound. All of their candies are naturally colored and free of genetically modified ingredients and trans fats. "Usually there are more adults in here than kids," says Baras. "Our candies may look like other candy, but once people try them they can taste the difference."



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