Stayin’ Alive

One of the best things about our location here at birdsong gregory (besides the pool right outside our front door and the sweet rooftop terrace), is the proximity to the McColl Center. Artist-in-resident, Aurora Robson, had her exhibit called Stayin’ Alive this summer. And of course we snuck out of the office on an impromptu field trip to catch a glimpse before it was taken down. And it was amazing. I was once told that the ideal length of a successful blog post is 1,600 words. I don’t know if that’s accurate, but for your consideration, I’ll try to keep this short.

Aurora Robson is a “subtle yet determined environmental activist.” She is a multimedia artist known predominantly for her transformative work intercepting the waste stream. She uses everyday waste such as discarded plastic bottles and junk mail to create intricate sculptures, installations, and collages. Over the years, mail follows a similar path and have now become part of her stunning ink collages.

She makes amazing, beautiful, story-telling pieces out of garbage and debris. Not only is she making beautiful and inspirational art, but she has found a way to translate her passion into impact. Aurora has developed a course she calls “Sculpture and Intercepting the Waste Stream,

Originally introduced at Mary Baldwin College in Virginia in the Spring of 2013. During this course she directs design students to collect trash and create sculptures that are later auctioned off. Proceeds benefit plastic pollution prevention and the flow of plastic to our oceans. If implemented widely enough, it could significantly help to restrict the flow of plastic debris to our oceans.

I’m not sure if I’m more inspired by the pieces themselves, or the awareness and impact she is creating through them. Either way, the team here at our Charlotte marketing agency is definitely inspired to visit the next exhibit and recommend you do the same.



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