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Seventh Generation brings Mommy Marketing to NYC Airports

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It’s no secret among retail brands that moms are the gateway to sales. No only do women make 85% of purchasing decisions in a household, but when that women is also a mom, she’s buying for the baby, the toddler, the teenager, the spouse, and even the entire soccer team. And she’s not just buying Cheerios and butt wipes — she’s also purchasing electronics and other higher-ticket household items.

For brands, earning a mom’s attention and trust can be a gold mine (and a direct path to other moms), but how do you break through the clutter and noise of our media saturated world and connect with today’s super-busy moms?

Seventh Generation, the private Burlington, VT. based company that distributes natural household and baby care products, had a brilliant idea.

Breast-feeding mothers usually struggle to find a private space at the airport to nurse their babies or pump their milk, so Seventh Generation decided to take action by sponsoring the installation of four pumping and nursing pods in New York area airports: one in the JetBlue terminal at Kennedy Airport, two at Newark Liberty International Airport and one at La Guardia Airport.

The pods officially opened earlier this month to coincide with Mother’s Day. Mamava, a brand dedicated to promoting the culture of breast-feeding, created the 4-foot-by-8-foot spaces, which are equipped with two benches and an electrical outlet. Their doors fully shut, and the rooms are large enough to fit a family of four plus luggage.

Mothers can find the locations by downloading Mamava’s app, which is currently available through Apple and planned for Android by July.

And if this initial roll-out is successful, Seventh Generation plans to expand its initiative to other airports.



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