Real men don’t wear leggings or tights. But they do wear meggings and mantyhose.

Are meggings and mantyhouse for every man? Just as leggings and panty hose aren't for every woman, probably not.

meggins is a trend our Charlotte marketing agency is following

Our Charlotte marketing agency has recently been doing a ton of insight gathering and strategizing around the legwear category in ladies apparel. Especially the upwardly trending leggings and tights segments. The hosiery department is no longer still the place in the back of a dusty department store where Nana bought her nylons. Rather, it has become a growth category for both manufacturers (our client) and retailers. Today, a younger, more fashion-forward demographic is transforming the traditional hosiery department into a brightly-colored, super stylish place to make an über-hip but affordable sartorial statement.

Which brings to me meggings – one of those disconcerting bits of internet flotsam that suddenly drifts into view.

Following women’s lead in realizing leggings are both comfortable and a perfect layering item, men are wearing everything from tights (mostly in Europe, where they’re called ‘mantyhose’) to cool, colorful long underwear-style leggings worn under shorts (a popular look on the runways and documented on this Tumblr blog).

Are meggings and mantyhouse for every man? Just as leggings and panty hose aren’t for every woman, probably not. But for men interested in fashion, they provide one more way to express personal style. And for men who like to wear shorts year round, I say go for it.

If you’re wondering where to buy meggings (not that there is anything wrong with that),  brands like Prada and retailers like Urban Outfitters are ahead of the curve. Literally.



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