POPAI Shopper Marketing Trends: 2013 vs. 2014

Back in 2013, our Charlotte marketing agency was intrigued to see whether the ten retail and shopper marketing trends that POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) put out would come to fruition. In a nice gesture of accountability and self-reflection, POPAI, an international advocate and voice of the in store marketing industry, has just published a follow up that examines how their 2013 predictions fared – and also a few prognostications for 2014.

At birdsong gregory, we keep our feet moving across  the rapidly evolving shopper marketing landscape, and here are 2 of POPAI’s 2014 trends we’re currently helping our retail clients leverage.

  1. “Pinterest will continue to rise in importance for in-store shopping experiences. The correct use of Pinterest helps shoppers, brands and retailers. Shoppers get to see what’s on trend and people around the world are liking. Stores like Target, Topshop, and Nordstrom already show Pinterest icons on their most pinned items to help drive sales. For brands and retailers, this is a great way to get shopper insights and help with product development. You’re getting real-time feedback of your products which can help with stock level, product sales, and more. Just take a look at our growing Pinterest Board about Pinterest in stores.”
  2. “The use of tablets and touch screens in displays and POS will increase. AKA increase of experiential design to bring the shopper back into the store. Walking through the new Walgreens it was evident that tablets are the future for aisle, display and retail design. There are endless possibilities with tablets. There’s mobile check-out, video can play in every aisle, shoppers can write reviews in store, shoppers can share their interests on social media while shopping, and so much more. They create less space, but can have a bigger influence on a shopping experience.”

Composed of chapters worldwide and serve more than 1,400 member companies internationally. POPAI promotes, protects and advances the broader interests of the in store marketing community (including our ad agency Charlotte) through original research, certified education, awarding industry excellence, hosting trade forums and protecting intellectual and legislative rights.



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