Magical Packaging Flies Off the Shelves

Using a thin tilted mirror, 3M’s Scotch tape makes it look as if there was no product in the box.

What a brilliant packaging solution for a fairly humdrum consumer product. Unlike conventional adhesive tape that stands out due to its glossiness, Scotch’s Invisible Tape mends paper tears without adding the obvious edges. So the designer (Hamburg-based creative agency Kolle Rebbe) used an age-old illusion trick to demonstrate the products key value proposition and make the packaging stand out among the competition at POS.

The effect was achieved by a specially designed ultra thin mirror that was placed inside the packaging to created an illusion of a seemingly empty box. Since the mirror was tilted, it formed the area inside the package where the product was ‘invisibly’ stowed.

Apparently the effect was so popular in test markets within Germany, that it sold out within weeks. No word as to whether it will come to North America anytime soon, but if it does, our Charlotte marketing agency might have to pick up a box for our shelf of inspiration.

packaging that impressed our Charlotte marketing agency



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