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Girl Meets Addy. Leaves Feeling Ambivalent.

Will I see Addy (now called the AAAwards) again? Only time will tell.

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Like any first date I strategically planned my outfit, did my hair just right, and promised myself only two drinks. I then arrived at The Big Chill (fashionably late, of course) and surveyed the area…oh look the bar!

After deciding to not check my coat in case a quick retreat was needed, I quickly found my birdsong gregory squad, who had been on this date before and were seasoned veterans. Looking around, people were both underdressed and overdressed proving that “cocktail attire” still means jack sh*t. I asked my friends what to expect: would Addy be funny, charming, and creative? Or pretentious, boring, and arrogant?

First drink almost complete, we enter the dimly lit room – immediately running for a VIP/Tony Montana style booth because that’s how birdsong gregory rolls. After trying to daintily eat large pieces of lettuce while still appearing like a lady, the MC comes on stage.

He drones on with a Safari theme that was too much at times and just missed being funny. Was it the message or the messenger? We’ll never know since I tuned out both.

The video for the North Carolina contenders and Silver/Gold winners was intelligent and unexpected, showing the level of creativity I had been anticipating from Addy – and was not disappointed. However, there was a lack of human element. When you think “award ceremony,” your mind goes to the witty banter of an MC, the all-in-good-fun mockery between rivals, and teams coming up and accepting their awards (and the long long long speeches that follow). So I was mentally prepared to quietly sit with my food and drink (still number 1!) and listen to Addy speak.

Not the case. The lights dimmed, the video played, and there was mild clapping – dinner and a movie is always a classic first date, so far so good! But we all know that the movie part of dates is when you don’t have to talk and get to “know” each other.

I digress, but while I digested my food our agency name and entry appeared for a nanosecond on the screen and then – BLIP – on to the next. It was hard to fully appreciate and bask in our glory of gold (yes, GOLD) before we were “swiped left” and Addy moved on to the next entry while I moved on to drink number two.

I felt bad for the copywriter category. Those who created videos had their entry played in their entirety and multiple times. But the copywriters felt like that blind date where you see them enter the door and immediately avoid eye-contact in the hopes that they won’t recognize you and come up to say hello. Written content was posted on the screen in a microscopic font that no one could read. It could have at least been read aloud. Talent gone unrecognized by the masses, a classic “unsung hero” scenario.

I digest again – this time chocolate cake for dessert! The crowd’s starting to get restless as the Safari theme just wasn’t hitting home, and I ain’t lion.

The video continues, with two 10 minute breaks and, what I have now decided to be, the worst MC script ever. How many times do you hear “copywriters have sharp wit and even sharper pencils?” Clearly someone’s pencil was dull.

Looking at the clock, I realize it’s 9:30. Some tables have already been deserted to get their post-game on at the neighboring bar. Was it the most memorable first date of my life? No, there’s just no beating the guy who told me all the kinky things he did with his ex girlfriends and then left me with the check. Was it everything I ever dreamed and more? Actually, a little underwhelming.

Will I see Addy again? Only time will tell – and hopefully another strong creative year for birdsong gregory will help! – but I will always say yes if he ever calls me up again.



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