Our 2013 Charlotte Social Media Contest

We’re in the process of throwing ideas against the wall for our 2013 Charlotte social media contest, and one of the prime contenders is a city slogan contest. In starting to think about rules, prizes, and ways to promote the winning slogan to Mayor Foxx, et al., our research team spent some time yesterday looking at other city taglines, and there is a quite a variety. Some you’re no doubt familiar with, like NYC’s “The City That Never Sleeps.” Others, you may not be as familiar with. See how many you can match up below.

1. “Rare. Well done”

2. “Take Me to River”

3. “The Town Without a Frown”

4. “Always Turned On”

5. “The City Was So Nice They Named It Twice”

A. Atlantic City, NJ

B. Walla Walla, WA

C. Omaha, NE

D. Happy, TX

E. Vicksburg, MS



Answers: 1C, 2E, 3D, 4A, 5B



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