Wrap your head around this punchy line of pillows.

We had a blast creating this playful brand and go-to-market platform for Noggin & Wink sleeping pillows.

Challenge: Although we spend a third of our lives with our head resting on one, sleeping pillows are not a very complex buying decision, and consumers rarely evince strong brand loyalty to one white fluffy rectangle over another. So how do you get noticed in a such a (pun alert) sleepy category?

Solution: First, we conducted in-depth market research, including consumer buying habits and competitive analysis, to uncover and leverage a viable niche in the consumer sleeping pillow market. Then we crafted a compelling verbal and visual brand that shifts attitudes toward the purchase decision for sleeping pillows. And then we build the sales tools to sell this into big box retailers nationwide. Deliverables for this project included:

  • market research
  • product naming
  • logo development
  • visual and verbal branding
  • sales tools and presentations
  • packaging design
  • planogram design

Result: With its differentiated, flexible brand platform, Noggin & Wink has secured online programs with major national retailers including Bed, Bath, & Beyond, JCPenney, Kohl’s, and Walmart.



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