Logo Interpretation

As part of a rebranding campaign that refreshed the website, Airbnb introduced a new logo called the Bêlo.

You don’t have to be a regular on NPR to be familiar with the Sharing Economy and how it’s playing a role in our everyday lives. People are constantly talking about new companies like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb. So it wasn’t a surprise when people REALLY started talking about Airbnb’s new identity created by the London branding agency DesignStudio.

The new logo, called Belo, is said to represent three things: a person with their arms above their head, a location marker, an upside down heart. People, places and love – as well as the letter A.

As a branding agency, here at birdsong gregory, we’re very aware of what can happen when branding is done without proper homework and research. There seems to be mixed emotions about the newly presented logo. We like it.

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