Last-minute shoppers might actually have to travel to stores!

As we roll a few days closer to the Big Day, last minute shoppers are feeling the pressure. And while 2013 is on track to be a record-breaking year for online sales, these last few days may actually force people back to brick and mortar retailers. Even with increases in Amazon’s warehouses, faster shipping logistics, and talk of flying drones to get your precious presents from laptop to doorstep, unless you’re willing to pay upwards of $40 for delivery you might actually have to get out and go on the hunt.

It’s somewhat sad, that this is what it takes to get shoppers back into stores. This is the the web our society has spun. We long for exhaustive choices, comparative reviews and pricing, and all in an instant. Only the internet can deliver, for now. What will “Panic Saturday” as some are calling it, look like five years from now? Will we still be making the mad dash to find Aunt Bertha’s holiday scarf or will the autonomous hexacopters be dropping it at the doorstep? Only time will tell to see if retailers, brands, and shopper marketing agencies like Birdsong Gregory can find innovative ways to lure consumers back.



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