It’s time to watch some soccer. Finally.

Four years ago, 3.2 billion people watched the World Cup – or roughly half the world’s population. Even if you don’t enjoy the sport, that demographic demands some respect. Only an event like this can bring a ceasefire to a nation’s civil war. It’s a big deal. Advertisers understand this, and know that if you want something heard, you should say it during the games. 30 seconds of advertising time during the World Cup is running a whooping $250,000 – compared to a $100,000 30 second spot during the Stanley Cup Finals, so they better make it count. And all the soccer fans at this Charlotte ad agency are excited to see what 30 seconds looks like when they cost two hundred and fifty large.

In the meantime, Brazilian artist and graphic designer, Cristiano Siqueira, was commissioned by ESPN to design custom posters for each of the 32 countries within the World Cup. The posters have been brilliantly executed to show players and crests from each country. Even if you won’t be jamming yourself into overcrowded bars to watch a match, there seems to be something for everyone to enjoy.

You can check out all 32 of the international posters here.



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