Grocery Shoppers Just Want To Have Fun

Just a few months ago, our shopper marketing agency helped Just$ave Foods rebrand their stores to become a more fun and exciting place to shop. The goal was to transform an everyday grocery store into a place where people can actually enjoy themselves.

Turns out we were right on the right track. Supermarkets are continually growing and showing strength in cleanliness, associate friendliness, sales, value, and variety. Where there has not been incremental growth, however, is in the enjoyment of the experience. According to the 2013 U.S. Supermarket Experience Study, released by the Retail Feedback Group (RFG), only two in ten shoppers claim that their grocery store provides a fun and exciting environment. On a 5 point scale, those two shoppers rated their stores at a 4.78 (vs. the 3.95 rating given by shoppers who do not claim they are provided a unique experience).

Of course, a grocery store can not only provide excitement to be successful, the fundamental importance of creating a fast and valuable shopping experience is still key. Affordability still towers over experience with a 7.91 point allocation to that of the 2.09 given to experience. However, in the close competitive world of grocery stores, the tipping point could very well be the shopper experience. RFG principal Brian Numainville notes, “It’s the interplay of these three factors that appeals to shoppers.”

What would you rate your grocery store? How much fun does grocery shopping give you, and what would you do if that added value was just around the corner? At birdsong gregory, building a more engaging, memorable brand experience is one of our Charlotte marketing agency’s areas of expertise.



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