Fun predictive personalization tool helps home cooks spice up their kitchen

Everyone here at our Charlotte marketing agency likes to think of themselves as a foodies, and we all love to explore new recipes, flavor combinations, and ingredients. So it was a pleasure to discover the recently launched predictive personalization application from McCormick & Company called FlavorPrint.

According to consumer data complied by McCormick, half of steak and chicken served in US homes is flavored with only salt and pepper or nothing at all. So this venerable manufacturer of seasonings, spices, and herbs (NYSE: MKC) is actively looking for ways to grow basket size among consumers who don’t read “Bon Appétit” … or watch “Iron Chef” … or fantasize about eating at Thomas Keller’s Per Se … or Grant Achatz’ Alinea.

One solution: provide an easy, user-friendly online tool that helps home cooks move beyond their comfort zone and discover new recipes and flavor combinations.

Here’s how FlavorPrint works (and you should definitely check it out for yourself):

FlavorPrint is a service that helps consumers decode the flavors they already love, and invites them to discover, share and bring new flavors into their homes. Just take a short quiz about foods and flavors you like, and the app creates a custom “FlavorPrint” based on 12 different flavor personality types that provide new flavor, product, and recipe recommendations that match your palate. Then, as you rate, search for, and share recipes or products, your FlavorPrint changes – so that McCormick can offer you even better suggestions the more they understand your likes.

Of course, you can then share these recommendations with your friends via social media or send a shopping list to your phone to take along on your next grocery trip. And the more consumers who are engaged, the smarter the service becomes.

This trend of predictive personalization, also known as predictive analytics, has brands using data to predict customer needs or wants, then deliver content and opportunities tailored to these needs. By separating the retail signals from the noise across tens of thousands of variables, a company can gain an advanced understanding of what’s happening in its virtual economy and can identify immediate opportunities based on insights in action.

At our Charlotte branding agency, we love to work with clients who understand the power of predictive analytics because these kinds of shopper insights help us determine the most effective combination of marketing materials, communication channels and timing to target a specific consumer set. And when done right, a predictive analytics capture device like McCormick’s FlavorPrint help retail brands differentiate themselves, deliver a more customized shopping experience, and make the retail organization more operationally efficient, customer-focused, and highly profitable. In the end, it’s a win-win for shoppers and retailers – not only does a tool like FlavorPrint enhance the overall shopper experience, but, ultimately, the data allows for greater conversion and basket size.



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