Learning and Inspiration at Digital Summit 2019

Providing innovative brand solutions requires constant learning. At bg, we work to stay on top of consumer, technological, and other marketplace trends that define (and likewise, evolve) the B2B and B2C spaces. Part of this education comes in the form of attending speaker series and conferences – like the recent Digital Summit Charlotte.

Over the course of the year, Digital Summit visits almost 20 cities across the United States. Each event presents a lineup of thought leaders, speaking on how they navigate the challenges and opportunities of their industries. Cases range from local/regional to global in scale. Attendees include (but aren’t limited to) content creators, email specialists, researchers, creative directors, and sales team members.

I enjoyed lectures on a variety of topics, but took away 3 major messages (which were a part of every presentation).

Be audience-centric.

Beginning to end, you should think about your end-user. Who are you talking to? What do you want them to know? What do you want them to do? If you don’t know your customer, you’re guessing as to what to say, when and where. Learn about your audience at every stage of the marketing journey. Make it a mandatory.

Change is inevitable.

People change – their wants, needs, and perspectives. Technology changes, too. All of the time… To remain relevant, your brand has to identify, assess, and leverage these changes, rather than being run over by them. Search engines are only going to get smarter. The drives for automation and ultra customization are not going away.

Expect to prove yourself.

Saying you’re the “best” or “an expert” is not enough. Prove it – and prove it often. In our raucous, fast-paced communications world, your customers need reminders. Share your process, showcase successes, and be ready to answer questions. We no longer have the benefit of “proprietary” hiding. Learn to wave your own banner.

At bg, we’re always audience-centric, and work with our clients to identify the smartest, most effective strategies for their brands.



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