Creativity isn’t about the end product, but the process of making it.

the film is an insider's perspective on inspiration from the minds of leading creative personalities.

That was our Charlotte, NC, marketing agency’s big takeaway from this fantastic new short film created by Liberatum, directed by Pablo Ganguli and Tomas Auksas, and presented by illy.

Featuring 21 artists and cultural figures from art, fashion, film, design, technology and music, the film is an insider’s perspective on inspiration from the minds of leading creative personalities.

Through the authentic interpretation and responses from these individuals, the overall project communicates what inspires creative thinking and behaviors for nurturing inspiration, while provoking thoughts on how culture, society, and technology continue to affect creativity.

Although the film interviews some of the most talented individuals in their fields, architect and designer Karim Rashid argues that everyone is naturally creative:

“Children, for example, who have no past, no baggage, no pre associations, are all creative. The first thing a human being wants to do is create. The minute they have an opportunity to put something in their hand to make lines or draw or paint or break something or make a model – it’s in all of us. It really means that you could argue that the meaning of life is to create. We are all here to contribute and we are all creative.”

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did.



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