Competitive Brand Compatibility

How many times do you see a family out to dinner that, instead of talking, are staring at their ipads, ipods, iphones, and whatever Game Boys are called these days? We live in a disruptive age of on-going information that fuels the constant need for interaction, connection, and confirmation. Always there, never present. Paul Adams’ makes the sad observation that “audiences are building relationships with brands in the same way they build relationships with their friends – through many, lightweight interactions over time”. It’s easier to tweet, facebook, email, or snapchat someone than to visit in person. So much more information in so much less time.

If our own personal relationships are suffering in the face of this information overload, how are brands supposed to keep up?

Is our strategy to be the single slam dunk idea? The 15 second spot Super Bowl hit? Or the perfectly told, strategically written story over time? At our Charlotte marketing agency, we know brands need to nail both that Super Bowl commercial and every other ounce of existence in between. Writing the perfectly told strategic story of a brand’s single purpose and constantly, consistently telling that same story over and over to make the brand compatible on all levels. Sounds easy, right? Our Charlotte ad agency understands the importance of this need for a flood of consistent information and are working with our clients on all touch points to ensure the best brand story possible. Read more about building brands in a no attention economy.



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