Check out television’s first national pot spot

The first ever television advertisement for medical marijuana in the United States aired Monday, in New Jersey and Chicago and is set to appear in Massachusetts next week. acts as a guide for patients to find doctors prescribing marijuana, was the first to put an advert about the pot in the country on Comcast, America’s largest cable network.

The company claims that the ad draws a parallel in an attempt to stress the importance of consulting doctors to get medical marijuana for severe and debilitating medical conditions.

“We recognize that the sale and use of marijuana is still considered very controversial and we are pleased that Comcast understands that there are legitimate businesses providing legitimate and legal services to people who have legitimate needs” said Jason Draizin, founder and CEO of

He then went on to say, “dude, is this interview almost over … I’m feeling the starvies something wicked. Can we hit up a Chipotle and get our munch on?”



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