A rare find: packaging as mouthwatering as the contents

Looking forward to the weekend? Everyone at our Charlotte marketing agency certainly is, and as 5:00 PM grows closer,  the impending cocktail hour serves as a powerful motivator to wrap up a long week filled with challenging retail branding projects. In such a libational mood, I was flabbergasted to discover the existence of Mortlach 70 years old Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky. This whisky was released a few years ago under Gordon and MacPhail’s Generations brand with a price tag of up to $15,000 a full-size bottle. Holding the record for the oldest whiskey in the world available for retail sale today, this nectar was filled into its cask on October 15, 1938 by the grandfather of the company’s managing directors.

Charles MacLean, a whisky connoisseur and consultant for Bonhams’ auctioneers, described the world’s oldest malt whiskey this way: “a delicate, fresh, vital, fruity whisky with the color of sun-bleached polished mahogany, a mellow nose, at once waxy and fruity; candlewax to the fore initially, which becomes snuffed candle – a thread of smoke – with Maraschino cherries in Madeira cake behind and, after a while, an orangey citric note, fresh and juicy, becoming apricot jam.”

Equally impressive is the package design, which took as inspiration the idea of a single precious drop and resulted in the tear-drop shape of the hand-blown crystal which is etched with deliberately contemporary typography and has no label (to allow for the full beauty of the whisky to shine through).

The box design works around the idea of a frame rather than a container; echoing the minimalist style of the bottle by using hidden magnets rather than hinges and with the clean, modern logotype, chosen for the Generations brand, silver-foil stamped onto Brazilian rosewood.

Feeling inspired? And a maybe a little thirsty?



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