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A DIY Chocolate Christmas Tree That’s Too Beautiful to Eat (Almost)

A good example of the showy chocolate eye candy you can spy in the windows of Paris sweet shops during the Christmas season.

marketing agency charlotte ncThe French might be best known for the traditional Christmas dessert of bûche de Noël, but they consume more chocolate at Christmas (not Easter, like Americans) than any other time of year, and serious chocolatiers are constantly looking for ways to innovate and elevate when it comes to both taste and design.

Elegantly and conveniently packaged in an easily transportable and shippable (in Europe only) flat pack, Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse’s tree kit includes a pair of white gloves to protect the chocolate from melting while you assemble this delicious decoration. Six disks of varying sizes are embellished with almonds, pecans, oats, sesame seeds, raisins, dried fruit, and corn flakes that are meant to mimic tree decorations; they slide onto a dark chocolate or milk chocolate pole that forms the 8-inch tree base.

marketing agency charlotte nc

The tree is just one example of the showy chocolate eye candy you can spy in the windows of Paris sweet shops in the run-up to Christmas. And the level of decadence and design reflects the sensibilities of the culinary master behind it.

Alain Ducasse operates at least two dozen restaurants strewn around the globe, including Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester Hotel in London, which, with three Michelin Stars, is one of the top ranked restaurant in England; and one of our favorite NYC restaurants: Benoit.

Located two blocks north of the Museum of Modern Art, this cozy bistro evokes the charm and pleasure of the original Benoit in Paris, which opened its doors in 1912. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, the Foie de veau (calf’s liver, potato lyonnaise, and slow simmered onions) is to die for.



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