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Moonshine Packaging That Really … Shines.

This recently launched line of corn whiskeys from Stillhouse Spirits looks as good as it tastes.


Early this year, a young startup distiller called Stillhouse Spirits launched line of corn whiskeys that packs a punch before you even take the first sip.

The Stillhouse Original Moonshine package is an angular red lacquered can with a flask-style screw cap. Hand applied color-coded labels denote the six varieties in the product line, which include Stillhouse Original clear corn whiskey and five infused-whiskey flavors: Red Hot, Coconut, Apple Crisp, Mint Chip and Peach Tea. Of the four flavors we have on the shelf in our Charlotte marketing agency, Apple Crisp is the clear favorite (pun intended).

In addition to making a splash visually, the 750-ml. can is unbreakable. So from a backyard barbeque to a tailgate party, Stillhouse white lightening travels where glass shouldn’t go. However, at only 80 proof, this stuff is a weak facsimile of real 140 proof Appalachian homebrew.



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